EcoBeats 6-week School program registration


Below is the registration form for the 6-week long EcoBeats drumming course that is being offered at your school.

As EcoBeats is a NSW Creative Kids Provider, the $90 fee for the 6 week course is covered by your NSW Creative Kids voucher. If you have already used your Creative Kids voucher but wish for your child to participate in the program there is an option to pay for the course via bank transfer. If you haven’t registered for your Creative Kids voucher yet simply visit or call 13 77 88.

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Parent/Guardian's Name
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Emergency contact
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Child's Name
Please enter the name exactly as it appears on the Creative Kids voucher.
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Child's Date Of Birth
Please Enter the 16-digit number without spaces or symbols as it appears on your voucher. If you are not using a voucher to pay for the course please write 'no voucher' and we will be in touch with payment options.
Please leave a comment here if there's anything you'd like us to know about your child.
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6-week drumming course

EcoBeats 6 week drumming course for primary and high school students is a fun way of teaching drumming and music to students. Students will learn:

  • How to listen to each other

  • Basic music theory including rhythm, counting and timing

  • Dynamics and tempo - speeding up, slowing down, playing louder and softer

  • Simple to more complex drum beats 

  • Drum technique

  • Drum rudiments and fills

  • To participate in all activities and give everything a go

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