School programs & workshops

EcoBeats is a NSW Creative Kids Provider and has the following programs and workshops on offer:

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8-week drumming course

EcoBeats 8 week drumming course for primary and high school students is a fun way of teaching drumming and music to students. Students will learn:

  • How to listen to each other

  • Basic music theory including rhythm, counting and timing

  • Dynamics and tempo - speeding up, slowing down, playing louder and softer

  • Simple to more complex drum beats 

  • Drum technique

  • Drum rudiments and fills

  • To participate in all activities and give everything a go

1 day workshop & School camps

EcoBeats also offers day-long workshops at schools if you’re looking for an exciting activity to start or finish the term, or for an engaging team-building activity at a school camp.

school holiday workshops

EcoBeats offers school holiday workshops ranging from 1 hour, to full day and week long.

staff professional development

EcoBeats offers staff development training sessions in how to teach rhythm and drumming.